TGRWT #6 Roundup Part 1

At last, the long awaited roundup for They Go Really Well Together #6. The brainchild of Martin of Khymos , the site that delves a little more deeply than most of us into the principles of molecular gastronomy. I was very honoured to be asked to host, and while I’m sure that some hard core molecular gastronomists thought I’d opted out with an easy choice, for me molecular gastronomy only makes sense if we’re discovering things that people really want to eat, again and again.
Not for me the dubious pleasures of eating a piece of some rare and almost inedible delicacy flash frozen and served with the most unusual sounding accompaniment I could think of. But then, this is not really what molecular gastronomy is all about. Yes, it is about pushing the boundaries but Heston Blumenthal calls it just cooking, which is after all about just eating. So as far as I’m concerned, if it doesn’t go really well together, what’s the point?
This made my choice pretty easy. As a baker, the possible union of apple & lavender pushed all my buttons. I knew instinctively that a little sugar, a little egg and a subtle beauty would be born. And I was right. Check out all the delicious baked goods. But I was very pleasantly surprised that we had some savoury options as well. Thanks to all who participated and I hope that for the rest of you this serves as a directory for trying out something that you may not originally have thought of.
I was advised by my friend Jeanne to start writing up this post as soon as I got the first entry, but sometimes life conspires against you and for one reason or another (with me there is always a reason) I have left it until the last minute. So I’ve cunningly decided to split the roundup into two parts, mainly because you will never get to all these yummy recipes if I don’t. So here are the first half of the entries, and don’t forget to check back later this weekend for the rest.

First up, appropriately is Mrs W from Mrs W’s Kitchen

Perfect for Autumn desserts and (Hooray!) diabetic safe. Way to go Mrs W. Not bad for a first food blogging event.
Next I received an entry all the way from Switzerland. Robert Sprenger from la mia cucina served up this very classy Blue Apple Sorbet with Dried Apple Crisps. Check out his bi-lingual (English & German) post and his beautiful pics.

Next to the party was my South African counterpart. Kit and I seem to have swapped places, she grew up in Somerset and now lives in Cape Town, where she baked up this divinely simple Apple & Lavender Cake. Elegantly comforting, just as I’ve come to expect of all Kit’s Food & Family posts.

Theo of the Orange Juice Files thought he wouldn’t make it to the party as apples had not yet made an appearance in California. Theo, never underestimate the power of universal consciousness, especially when it comes to food. His fabulous contribution to the party table is twofold: A Vegan Lavender Apple Crisp and Lavender Apple Iced Tea
We had to have at least one Haute Couture party guest, and Minko from Couture Cupcakes obliges with one of her high fashion and totally edible-lishus Cupcakes. She leaves us in no doubt that apple & lavender go REALLY well together. Thanks Minko
A party would be incomplete without the indomitable Marye from one of my favourite blogs Apron Strings and Simmering Things. She bravely went for a savoury dish which really worked. Check out her Pan fried Chicken with Apple & Lavender dish here. Now tell me that that doesn’t get your taste buds going. Marye had a lot of ideas apart from this one which she will be sharing with us on Baking Delights over the next few weeks
Joel and Amy of Foodmonkeys came up with this gorgeous Apple & Lavender stuffing for chicken, using herbes de Provence. Take a look at this lovely recipe, plus their tips for future reference on their post.
My friend Andrea had to order her lavender by mail and just made it under the wire with her scrumptious Apple sauce cake with Citrus Lavender Glaze. Check it out at her great site Andrea’s Recipes , and while you’re there, have a look at her Grow Your Own event. Thanks Andrea
And that brings us to the half time whistle, see you after the break for the second half.

9 Responses to “TGRWT #6 Roundup Part 1”

  1. on 06 Oct 2007 at 3:11 pm Andrea

    Yum! I have got to give that pan fried chicken with apple and lavender a try! Thanks for hosting a lovely event, Inge!

  2. on 06 Oct 2007 at 3:23 pm Kit

    Sumptuous ideas all of them, can’t wait to see the next half… and I’d no idea that I was taking part in something as grand sounding as molecular gastronomy – makes me feel positively scientific!

    Thanks for hosting, Inge, it was a great theme.

  3. on 06 Oct 2007 at 8:16 pm Marye

    wow…everything is amazing! I am going to begin working on a lavender jelly this weekend…with my leftovers…Thanks so much for doing this..
    Can you believe the variety? Oh MY!

  4. on 06 Oct 2007 at 8:18 pm african vanielje

    Apple & Lavender Marye? Will you send me the recipe? Imagine that stirred into your panfried chicken – yum

  5. on 06 Oct 2007 at 8:37 pm Mrs. W

    Oooh I love the stuffing from foodmonkeys! I must try it… and soon! I get such great inspiration from these roundups.

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