Archive for October 18th, 2007

Passion for Pasta

I’m not really sure why, as Italian is the one gene pool that my family haven’t been swimming in, but my daughter’s favourite food is pasta. She has loved it in all its various guises for as long as I can remember. Her favourite is almost any sort of pasta from spaghetti to linquine, or […]

Homemade Luxury Christmas Mincemeat

I love this easy mix and match mince pie mix for the fact that you can tweak the ingredients and spices to reflect different tastes. It also uses lots of apple instead of suet, making it less fatty but just as delicious. In a big bowl mix: 400g raisins 400g currants 200g sultanas Or a […]

6 random facts

One random fact down and six to go in the 7 random things meme I was tagged for by Belinda of WHats cooking in a Southern Kitchen. Today’s random fact is that I love to paint. I am not very good at it and see it more as a therapeutic process and less as a […]

What shall we do with the drunken apples?

Apple season is in full swing and the apples seem to be dropping faster than we can collect, juice, bake, pie or otherwise transmogrify them into the ultimate autumn comfort foods. The wide variety of trees in the orchard offer up a lottery of ‘cookers’ and ‘eaters’. Some of them are eaters (deliciously sweet and […]