The last line of defense – peanut, oat and smartie cookie giants

healthy nuts and oats hiding inside a child's dream

healthy nuts and oats hiding inside a child's dream

When you finally realise your dream and open a deli / coffee shop / bakery what is it you are really hoping for?  Time to do lots of baking ?  Loads of manolo-clad ( or ugg-booted, as it’s winter) feet stomping, shuffling and striding over your threshhold?  Someone else to do the washing up? 

All of the above would be my answer, but the reality is that loads of feet striding over your threshold inevitably means selling out of all the artisan baked goodies you’ve slaved and laboured over for hours.  But that’s good, right?  Sigh!  I think I really understand how my mom’s bakers felt for all those years when 15 waiters had already sold all the scones and cheesecake that they kept churning out all day, even before they were out of the oven.  Some times you just want to be able to bask in your domestic goddessness for awhile.  Some days, like today, in between giving thanks for the steady stream of oohing and aahing custom, you barely have time to curse the person who bought the last 10 chocolate brownies. 

I mean, I know they’re good.  I baked them.  But who can eat 10 chocolate brownies?  And more to the point, how do I stop to bake another double batch in between orders of espresso hot chocolates, free range beef burgers with all the trimmings, avocado, rocket and sundried tomato bruschetta and French toast with Parma ham and verjuice syrup?  Ever the dreamer, even I have to admit that I can’t.  Once they’re gone, that’s it.  No more until tomorrow.

  But every good baker has a secret weapon or 6 tucked inside their floury apron pocket.  These giant cookies are one of ours.  They take literally minutes to throw together, less than ten in the oven, and the smell sells them before people have even seen them.  The most difficult thing will be convincing your guests to wait until they’ve cooled before they eat them.  And kids of all ages can’t resist them.  Even the most hardened chocaholic can be persuaded to ignore the empty chocolate brownie plate when gently tempted with a giant peanut, oat and smartie cookie that takes up both hands.  Try them and you’ll see what I mean.

For the recipe, click here, (as usual I’ve posted it straight to the sidebar for easy access), and please excuse me, I’m off to bake a quadruple batch of chocolate brownies for tomorrow’s ugg-booted, baked goods addicts!  Bless them one and all…

5 Responses to “The last line of defense – peanut, oat and smartie cookie giants”

  1. on 06 Jun 2009 at 10:41 am Bellini Valli

    These would be a wonderful treat to replace the brownies Inge. I can see why blogging has taken a back seat to your cafe’s customers who are the lucky benafactors of your baking.

    Bellini Valli’s last blog post..No Croutons Required

  2. on 06 Jun 2009 at 8:23 pm Aparna

    These can be an adult favourite too. :)
    I cannot remember the last time I made these and my daughter loves them. Thanks for reminding me I need to make the se soon.

    Aparna’s last blog post..Nupur’s "The Indian Vegetarian 100"

  3. on 07 Jun 2009 at 3:56 am Kit

    It’s great that you are doing so well! My kids would love those – we’ll just have to not mention the nuts to my son – he thinks he doesn’t like them, but he loves marzipan….

    Kit’s last blog post..WTSIM Boeuf Bourgignon

  4. on 10 Jun 2009 at 6:29 am African Vanielje

    Val, the sad truth is that I have also broken my camera. Yes I know, I am not great with electrical goods, my ipod was also stolen. So at the moment I have to blog about things I already have pics of… slightly limiting when I want to join an event.

    Aparna, I’m glad you made some too. They look great.

    Kit, let me know when you’re coming and we’ll have some ready for your kids. Marzipan sounds like a great addition.

  5. on 23 Jun 2009 at 11:11 am Jeanne

    Oh no – not your Canon SLR?? What happened??

    The cookies look amazing & although it’s hard work for you, I’m thrilled to hear that you’re doing so well :)

    Jeanne’s last blog post..Saturday Snapshots #43

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