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French apple flan, my version of a bistro dessert

The week before last was a bad week.  Last week was worse.  My kids and dog were threatened with a firearm, then I discovered my daughter was the victim of some hate email, my dad had a bad round of chemo, but hey, we all laagered-up (that’s gathered around in a protective circle for you […]

More-ish Muffins for Weekend Herb Blogging

Man cannot live on bread alone, he needs the odd muffin to keep him sane.  I don’t think anybody ever said that, but they should have.  Muffins are like mini breads.  Quicker to make and quicker to eat, and just as satisfying for a host of different reasons.  You don’t need to make a sandwich […]

Cheese & Pesto Muffins as featured in SA Garden & Home

This mix will make 12 muffins, or six bounteous buxom beauties like these. Butter and flour your muffin tins. Sieve: 4 cups flour 8 Tbspns flat baking powder 1 teaspoon mustard powder A good pinch of flavoured or Maldon sea salt and some fresh black pepper. Add 100g butter and blend with your fingertips until […]

Upside down lemon cupcakes – for GYO

It has been far too long since I’ve participated in a food blogging event, but halfway around the world from home, and with a deli to run, bending my week’s menu around a blogging event becomes somewhat challenging.  GYO (Grow Your Own) seems to sidestep all that as the title really encapsulates the only rule, […]