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…make the perfect buttercream icing

The perfect buttercream is so simple, yet so elusive.  It relys on fresh, really good quality butter and perfect proportions. Allow: 3 cups of icing sugar for every 80g of butter Take the chilled butter out of the fridge and weigh your 80g.  Dice it and allow 5-10 minutes for it to soften to room […]

…make squid ink pasta

Making your own pasta really is easy.  Whether you do it by hand or in a stand mixer, anyone can do it.  Check my beetroot pasta recipe here for the story of the friend who taught me to make pasta, or follow his basic recipe below, adding a little lemon and squid ink for this […]

…make your own cream cheese

Cream cheese, like Ricotta is a dead easy thing to make. I generally make my own yoghurt anyway, especially if I have a surplus of milk, and this cream cheese was made with a surplus of yoghurt. Line a sieve or perforated container with a piece of muslin. Mix the juice of 1 large lemon […]

…make basil aioli

Aioli is a fresh made garlic mayonnaise. Sublime with a whole host of dishes, and delicious here with the addition of fresh, fragrant basil. Peel one large clove of garlic and bash it in a mortar and pestle with a little maldon salt until it is a smooth paste. Crack a large free range organic […]