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Featured Foodie in this months Garden & Home

A little while ago a multi-talented and extremely stylish friend who happens to love food, steered a journalist friend of hers my way.  And so, via Morne (many thanks Morne) I met Gill Cullinan.  She arranged to come and meet me and my family for a laid back brunch, bringing along a very talented photographer, […]

Apples & Thyme ~ celebrating time in the kitchen with my mother

The thing about me, my mother and kitchens is that we’ve spent a lot of time in them together. If not in her kitchen at home, in her restaurant kitchen, where I learnt how to work. And I do mean work. Commercial kitchens are in no way glamorous. Mascara melts off your face, you go […]

Good Friday Saffron Seafood Soup

Good Friday in the Christian calendar is a day of mourning and reflection. Light eating and the traditional Friday fish is often the norm. When my mom had her restaurant (for over 20 years) we always worked Easter, and Good Friday was one of the 3 days a year we were closed. Consequently Good Friday […]