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Salt in my chocolate

    I knew this morning that today would be a day of tears.  The tide of emotion has been rising for some time, the dam wall I have built hampering the natural ebb and flow of joy and sorrow, until I am overwhelmed by a flash flood.  My time in Africa is coming to […]

French apple flan, my version of a bistro dessert

The week before last was a bad week.  Last week was worse.  My kids and dog were threatened with a firearm, then I discovered my daughter was the victim of some hate email, my dad had a bad round of chemo, but hey, we all laagered-up (that’s gathered around in a protective circle for you […]

African reflections #1

I know that I normally just write about food and family, but there is so much of my last six months in Africa that has touched me deeply that I want to share it.  These sights, smells, frozen moments that I’ve captured on camera have infused my senses and recalibrated my soul.  Like looking in […]

Featured Foodie in this months Garden & Home

A little while ago a multi-talented and extremely stylish friend who happens to love food, steered a journalist friend of hers my way.  And so, via Morne (many thanks Morne) I met Gill Cullinan.  She arranged to come and meet me and my family for a laid back brunch, bringing along a very talented photographer, […]