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My most often made version of cassoulet – or homemade pork sausage, garden veg and beans

My version of cassoulet most closely resembles the one from Castlenaudary.  This city tends towards the simplest (and my favourite) recipe of the dish famous in Toulouse and Carcassonne as well.   The Languedoc lays claim to the dish, but some say it was the Arabs who brought the white haricot bean, and the first version […]

Quick and easy French Apple Flan

This tart is really quick and easy.  It uses one of my favourite pastries, one that is quite biscuity which really compliments the comforting bland juiciness of the apples.  Feel free to use as much sugar and spice for the filling as you require.  The best tarts are always tailor made. For the pastry: work […]

Giant peanut, oat and smartie cookies

peanuts, oats and chocolate candy…   Preheat your oven to 180*C and line a baking sheet with baking parchment. Cream: 225g granulated sugar 175g brown sugar 225g butter Add: 2 eggs, lighlty beaten 1Tablespoon vanilla extract and beat until light and fluffy. Sift: 300g plain (cake) flour 5 ml bicarbonate of soda Add to egg […]

Foolproof Fairycakes

This is a simple Victoria sponge recipe, that works every time and improves over 2 or 3 days.  The recipe makes 6 -8 giant muffins or 12 – 16 regular muffins. Cream 350g butter 350g caster sugar Sift together 350g Plain (cake) flour 2 pinches of bicarb 2 t baking powder Lightly beat 6 large […]