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homemade sausage with garden veg & beans

  One of the surest signs of my peasant ancestry is my absolute love of stews.  Call it what you will – cassoulet, ragout, chunky soups, potroasts; chuck it all in one pan and slow cook it till all the flavours have melded, the juice is viscous  and the individual ingredients are on the verge of […]

African reflections

  For 3 days the ocean and the sky have wept.  Not those  great joyous, life giving raindrops hurled at the thirsty African earth, but a slow steady leaching of sorrow, cloaking the whole peninsula in grey depression.  We seem to be lurching from one awful event to another.  The miners who forfeited their lives to the […]

African reflections #1

I know that I normally just write about food and family, but there is so much of my last six months in Africa that has touched me deeply that I want to share it.  These sights, smells, frozen moments that I’ve captured on camera have infused my senses and recalibrated my soul.  Like looking in […]