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My most often made version of cassoulet – or homemade pork sausage, garden veg and beans

My version of cassoulet most closely resembles the one from Castlenaudary.  This city tends towards the simplest (and my favourite) recipe of the dish famous in Toulouse and Carcassonne as well.   The Languedoc lays claim to the dish, but some say it was the Arabs who brought the white haricot bean, and the first version […]

homemade sausage with garden veg & beans

  One of the surest signs of my peasant ancestry is my absolute love of stews.  Call it what you will – cassoulet, ragout, chunky soups, potroasts; chuck it all in one pan and slow cook it till all the flavours have melded, the juice is viscous  and the individual ingredients are on the verge of […]