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Salt in my chocolate

    I knew this morning that today would be a day of tears.  The tide of emotion has been rising for some time, the dam wall I have built hampering the natural ebb and flow of joy and sorrow, until I am overwhelmed by a flash flood.  My time in Africa is coming to […]

Chocolate Ricotta cheesecake

This is not the cheesecake I learnt to bake at my mother’s knee.  That cheesecake is a light and fluffy, lemonscented confection.  This cheesecake is heavier, richer, chocolatey-er, and easier to bake.  I have been making it a lot at the deli recently and as it has been so well received we keep baking it.  […]

Cheesecake vs. Face book

Okay, I’ve finally succumbed to the dark side.  I have signed up for facebook, bowing not to peer pressure, but to TDPS (teenage daughter pressure syndrome).  And you’re right.  My daughter is not yet  a teenager, but she is practising hard, and there is nothing more demoralising for someone barely 36 years young (okay 36 […]

Chocolate, children and perfect puppies.

Yes, once again I have spent a lazy Saturday morning bread baking, blogsurfing and generally pottering around in a quiet and peaceful house. I’ve drunk copious amounts of coffee, played with my next door neighbour’s new puppy, Perfect. Yes that is really his name, short for Perfect Paradise Mark II. Mark I was earmarked from […]