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…make squid ink pasta

Making your own pasta really is easy.  Whether you do it by hand or in a stand mixer, anyone can do it.  Check my beetroot pasta recipe here for the story of the friend who taught me to make pasta, or follow his basic recipe below, adding a little lemon and squid ink for this […]

…make beetroot pasta

Making your own pasta is really quick and easy and you can’t beat it for thinks like tagliatelle, cannelloni and lasagne.  I used to make it often even before one of my favourite people (and the person who taught me to make pasta) gifted me with the pasta rollers and cutters for my kitchenaid. My […]

African Kitsch

I admit it. I love kitsch. But not just any kitsch. Specifically that peculiarly, joyously colorful, sundrenched African kitsch. It stops me in my tracks. It speaks to me on some visceral level. It beckons with little cameos of home. It wasn’t always that way. Growing up I was very boring, and as a teenager, […]