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Wild about Ramsons

It seems the very air I breath is permeated with wild garlic this week. Wild garlic or ramsons is similar to ramps, or wild leeks, both belonging to the allium family. Like ramps they grow anywhere moist and shady, like damp woods, stream banks etc. They do have a bulb which is edible, but it […]

bashed new potato and wilted ramson salad with new season asparagus and lemon butter

Wash your freshly dug (or freshly purchased) new potatoes, making sure all the soil is scrubbed off, but trying to keep some of the delicate and tasty skin intact. Place in a pan of cold salted water and bring to the boil. Cook for about 15-20 minutes until just soft In the last five minutes […]

farfalle with parmesan and wild garlic butter, and roasted tomatoes

Wild garlic can be foraged for in the countryside in Spring and early summer.  Pick the youngest tender green leaves, avoiding any that are going yellow or are damaged or browned. Wild garlic benefits from softening slightly in butter or olive oil then being added to all sorts of dishes.  The smell is quite pungently […]

Foraging for wild garlic

In winter our morning walk to school is not my favourite thing and I generally try and convince Dakota that a less eco-friendly door – to – door chauffeur approach is warranted. But in spring and summer we park in the neighboring village and walk across the fields. This morning it feels like we are […]