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 Kassia & Figg spend a lot of time sourcing suppliers who are as passionate about what they do as we are about the deli.  We like to share them with you via our artisan evenings, but we’d also like you to be able to seek out more info here.  Where we can we’ve linked to their own sites.  Happy browsing.

Our delicious freerange eggs, organic tomatoes and a range of yummy jams and chutneys are supplied by Shirley & Sarel.  They deliver from their smallholding in nearby Imhoff, several times a week, ensuring we always have the freshest eggs, which we use in all our baking, as well as our fabulous free range breakfasts.  Bring your own box and pick up half a dozen next time you visit.

The most delicious sourdough in town is supplied to us by Hasan Gauld, the artisan baker behind La Petite Boulangerie.  Hasan is passionate, well travelled and well versed in sourdoughs from around the world, and his artisan kitchens supply us with the breads we use for all our sandwiches, bruschetti and breakfasts.  Lucky for you we also retail a selection, which we collect fresh every day.  Speak to us in the deli if you would like to place a special order.

Bean There Coffee and K&F have a special relationship.  Before we even opened we knew we wanted fairtrade coffee and we approached Bean There.  At the time they were just moving into Cape Town and turns out we were their first Cape Town customers.  Bean There are committed to paying Fair Trade prices for all their coffee, which they source themselves from small growers.  They then ship and roast them in their JHB roastery, and send them off to us to enjoy.  We stock Bean There Coffee, and we use a special blend in the deli, put together for us by Jonno, one of Bean There’s founders. For more info on Bean There Fairtrade, All African & Organic Coffee check out their website.

Oded’s Kitchen is a recent addition to our deli range, but we have long been fans of Oded Schwartz’s fabulous books on preserving.  A master of his craft, Oded has written 10 books, supplied Fortnum & Masons, and cooked all over the world.  His delicious ginger relish is a regular on our menu board with Italian salami, his onion confit is the crowning glory of our freerange burgers and his quince & chilli jelly is simply sublime.  We stock his seasonal ranges in the deli so come in and have a browse.

Neebs Organic Vanilla has to be my favourite product that we use in the deli.  We use their organic Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, pods and essence in all our baking, and it is available to buy in the shop as well.  The jar of priceless pods sits on the counter and gets opened several times a day as part of our ongoing scent therapy.  Mmmm….

Chocolate in its purest form comes a very close second to the organic vanilla, and for our sumptuous hot chocolates as well as our decadent dark chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies and all our chocolate cakes, we use the finest quality dark Belgian chocolate, with 70% cocoa solids.  Less sugar and more cacao means more anti-oxidants.  Hooray, we love that chocolate is good for you.  We also use dark Dutch cocoa in all our baking, and packets of this and the 70% dark chocolate are available in the deli.

Jean & Me is another new supplier, and we’ve fallen in love with her quirkily packaged hand made biscuits.  One look and you can see the love and attention that has gone in to her products will reflect in the taste.  Our shelves are groaning with a selection of her wares, the perfect gift for almost any occasion.

Green Home has been a very welcome addition to our growing list of suppliers.  We use their sustainable and biodegradable packaging in the deli for take home meals, and we use their unbleached serviettes and toilet paper as well.  One step at a time, K&F are helping save the planet.  Interested?  Their website is full of info.

Eureka Mills Flour specialise in old fashioned stone ground flour, with no additives or preservatives.  Although we don’t use it for all our baking, it is an old friend in the K&F kitchen, and also the flour of choice for Hasan, our bread baker.

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