Newsletter July 09

Addicted to Caffeine?  Let Sebastian help you.

coffee-newspaperWe realise that a coffee addiction is a serious thing so we’d like to help.  Our gorgeous Sebastian (a cappuccino machine of authentic Italian extraction) is on constant standby to help out with delicious doses of our All African organic coffees, cappuccinos, con leches and espressos.  We’ve gone one step further and you can now pick up a Kassia & Figg Coffee Addicts card in the deli.  Keep it handy, get us to mark it each time you order a coffee, and every 10th one will be on the house.




Our First Artisan Evening


At Kassia & Figg we’re pretty keen on using small suppliers and artisan producers who have the same ethos as we do.  Small batches, handmade, no artificial preservatives, pre mixes etc.  We spend a lot of time finding these suppliers and bringing their products to the deli, but we thought it might be nice to give you a chance to meet some of these passionate people in person.  So at the end of this month we kick off the first of our Artisan Evenings with a Coffee Cupping:


Bean There Coffee, an independent coffee roastery based in JHB, has recently moved into Cape Town too.  We love the fact that they support fair trade, only deal in African coffees, and are as passionate about a good brew as we are.  Jonno, one of the owners, will be leading a coffee tasting and Q&A at the deli on the evening of Wednesday 29th July 2009.  Places are limited so if you wish to attend you will need to book your spot.  Tickets are R60 and will include drinks & snacks on arrival, the coffee tasting, and a K&F treat to take away with you.  Plus you will get a chance to buy your favourite Bean There coffee.


DATE:  Wednesday 29 July , 2009

TIME:  6.30 – 8.30 pm

PLACE:  Kassia & Figg, Artisan Deli, Main Road, Kalk Bay.


Please feel free to check out Bean There’s site for more detailed info on coffee cuppings. , or call us at the deli to book a ticket.  021 788 3337


The grass is always greener.


At Kassia & Figg we try to do a little more each month to move the deli towards an even greener lifestyle.  We already use local organic and free range suppliers for our eggs and tomatoes.  We only use freerange chicken and beef for our pies and burgers, and all our milk is freerange.  On top of this, our delicious coffee is All African and organic.  But is this enough?  Well, yes and no.  We believe that anything you do to contribute towards a more sustainable planet is a good thing, and you should reward yourself for your efforts, perhaps with a cappuccino and an organic dark chocolate fudge brownie?  But we also know there is always more that we can do.  To this end we are moving towards more eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable packaging for our take away food items.


homemade-pasta-sauceGreen Home, a sustainable and biodegradable packaging company is helping us do just that.  www.greenhome.coza

Their fabulous take away packaging can be frozen, refrigerated, and baked or reheated up to 220*C.  The take away offerings change daily, just like the rest of our menu, but so far we have made

  • field mushrooms braised in garlic, herbs and wine, baked in a yoghurt and cream cheese sauce
  • organic spinach macaroni (pic by Catherine of Green Home)
  • free range beef cottage pie with sundried tomato mash
  • fresh pea & mint soup with kabanossi
  • chunky organic tomato and garlic soup
  • slow cooked certified natural lamb neck stew
  • and the list goes on…


We’re very excited about all the lovely opportunities this new packaging opens up.  Please keep an eye on the Kassia & Figg website ( to find out exactly what we are offering, and you can also check out what we already offer in the pre-order page.


Hot off the press…


We’re so proud of the good press we’ve been getting that we’ve stuck it up in our shop window for the world to see. Again!

In the July issue of House & Leisure Nwabisa Mayema of NGO Township Patterns ( says we have the yummiest homebaked treats…ever! 

And we are this month’s ‘Hot Property’ in Property magazine. We’ve had a great response from both mags (out on the shelves now) so thank you to them and the other mags that have mentioned us.  Articles always bring loads of new visitors, who then become old visitors, and all visitors are always welcome.  Just remember, we are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

First Kassia & Figg newsletter goes out

Monthly newsletter – May 2009




Our first newsletter

Welcome to the world of Kassia & Figg, our family-owned artisan deli and eatery. We take a wholesome, old-fashioned approach to what we do, so it seems only right that this introductory newsletter is just that – a proper introduction.


Lovely to meet you…

Kassia & Figg has already been open for five months, and we are delighted that our little seaside artisan deli and eatery is going from strength to strength. If we haven’t met yet, you’ll find us in a happy cloud of freshly baked aromas in the wonderful old building opposite the Dalebrook pool in Kalk Bay. With winter here, we’ve extended our opening times from 9am till 6pm (to give you time between the end of work and home to pick up home-cooked dinner, freshly baked treats, or pre-ordered catering), Tuesday to Sunday. We’re predominantly a deli, but our cosy café and outside courtyard with views of sea and mountain are welcoming places to while away the time while savouring delicious organic cappuccinos and cakes, breakfast or lunch.
If you don’t manage to nab a parking right outside, there is a large secure parking area just 50 metres away (on the left hand side if you are heading towards Kalk Bay).

For those of you who navigate with actual addresses rather than whimsical landmarks: 22 Dalebrook Place, Main Road, Kalk Bay. Phone: 021 788 3337

And our web address where you’ll find updated news and our pre-order menu is www. (click on Kassia & Figg). 



Why do we call ourselves ‘artisan’?

At Kassia & Fig deli stands for delicious – its what we strive for in everything we cook and bake, and we believe it is well worth the extra time and effort to make all our food from scratch, using fresh, freerange and organic ingredients as often as possible. We draw inspiration from what’s seasonal and from dearly loved old family recipe books and bake everything by hand, in small batches with no pre-mixes, preservatives or pretensions.


What an interesting name you have…

Yes, indeed. We chose our name after the matriarch of our family Kassie Watrobski, who owned Jonkershuis restaurant on the Groot Constantia Estate for more than 20 years. Kassie retired three years ago, but an irrepressible creative both in and out of the kitchen, she found herself looking for a place to express her ideas in her own inimitable style. We spotted this space with its old-fashioned shop front on a bright sunny day when the sea opposite was sparkling, and thought we may have found the spot. As we pondered the possibility a whale leapt out of the sea right in front of us, and our minds were made up. And Figg? Well, Kassie always seems to have had a fig tree in the places she loves, so this was our way of conjuring one up for her, to make her feel right at home.


Mmmmmm, looks delicious…

Thanks, we’re lapping up all the compliments we’ve been getting from both customers and the press, because we live to cook, eat and bake, and our daily offerings reflect this passion. We started Kassia & Figg with the idea that we wanted to be purveyors of pure enchantment. Kassie is a chef with vast experience, while Inge, her daughter, works as a freelance private chef & consultant between South Africa and England, and has an award-winning food blog (visit Whilst food is really important to us, we’re not wild about menus that take themselves too seriously. Our baking table groans with oven-fresh cakes, cakes and more cakes, as well as cupcakes, tarts, flans, biscuits, pies, quiches, loaves of bread and whatever else we feel like cooking on that particular day. Our menu board changes weekly, daily, hourly, along with the weather, the seasons and our whim, and our delectable breakfasts and lunches are all the more delicious for being infused with fresh enthusiasm. At Kassia & Figg we cook as if we’re cooking for people we love in our own home – and our kitchen is tiny – so come relaxed knowing that your anticipation will be rewarded. Enjoy a delicious organic coffee while you wait, chat or read the newspaper, and please do help yourself to something delicious from the baking table if you need instant gratification in the interim.


Hot off the press…

We’re so proud of the good press we’ve been getting that we’ve stuck it up in our shop window for the world to see.

The May issue of Elle Decoration (issue 61, on shelf now) features us in their food news pages, saying “Kassia & Figg is fast gaining a name as one of the most delicious breakfast spots on the peninsula” and Inge, looking glamorous as the star of a family photo, is this issue’s ‘Featured Foodie’ in Garden & Home. You’ll find some of our favourite, most delicious recipes revealed in the magazine.


Do you make home-cooked food to take home?

Oh yes, most of what we make at the deli can be taken out – its convenience food that’s utterly wholesome and ready to go. For larger portions for family or larger party gatherings we are more than happy to take orders if you give us at least 24-hours notice so that we have time to get it ready for you to collect. We also bake wholesome and delicious fare for teas, and with plenty of experience we know just what to create for children’s parties. You can pop into the deli or visit our website to see our pre-order menu and prices. Staples include seasonal vegetable tarts, our famous freerange chicken and field mushroom pie, freerange beef bobotie, freerange chicken liver and calvados pate as well as giant cheese and pesto muffins, while fairy cakes, meringues and pavlovas (all made with freerange eggs, of course) will keep those with a sweet tooth very happy. As is our style, our menu is flexible so please chat to us if you have special requests.

No orders will be accepted via email, but Kassie or Inge will be pleased to chat to you in person, or if you call 021 788 3337


Creative customer of the month

This month London-based photographer Dee Purdy took some time out in Kalk Bay to catch her breath and soak up some sleepy village charm. Her last day of holiday was grey and rainy – weather which makes for cosy coffee and brunch at Kassia & Figg. She took some photographs between cappuccinos and we’re thrilled with the pictures she kindly emailed through to us. We’re even thinking of getting some postcards printed in time. We’ve attached a few at the top of this newsletter to give you a brief glimpse into our artisan deli and eatery.



If you would like to be sent our free monthly newsletter please email


Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon at Kassia & Figg.

Kassia & Figg in Elle Deco, May issue

Elle Deco's Taste page

Elle Deco's Taste page

At Kassia & Figg we think Elle Deco has real good taste.  Their may issue calls us the best breakfast spot on the peninsula.  Well, we do love breakfast.  And we do love features editor, Louise McCann, who included us in her Taste roundup.  Thanks Louise. 
To check out the piece buy Elle Deco’s May issue, it’s a goodie.  You can also check out their blog right here to keep updated.

The First Annual K & F Waffle Eating Contest

photo by Dereck of Satori restaurant, Kalk Bay

photo by Dereck of Satori restaurant, Kalk Bay

The sundrenched Kassia & Figg courtyard was the scene of the long-awaited (2 weeks at least) Waffle Eating Contest.  Much fun was had by all and by unanimous decision the 1st Annual K & F Waffle Eating Contest was officially named.  And yes, that means there will be a second one, but you’ll have to wait another year for that.  You can read about the contest here, and here are some of the fabulous pics taken by Derek of Satori, the best neighbourhood pizza place, down the road from us in Kalk Bay.

For our delicious buttermilk waffle recipe click here.  Enjoy!